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Is it worth it????

In 2016 we had a National election to elect a new President. I am not going to dwell on the fact that our choices were less than the best. There are people who walked into the voting booth and closed their eyes and whomever they pointed to, got the vote.  People changed party affiliations as well as there have been on going protests, flag burning, name calling,  and in general ……plain ol’ unhappiness.  I was always taught that to burn our flag in protest was treason.  People used to face a firing squad for treason. How times have changed!

All of this aside……what is really disturbing to me is that people are losing friends over their beliefs.  Facebook used to be a fun place.  I love my family and friends on face book.  Reconnecting with so many people and also making new connections is something I  am really enjoying and look forward to.  I certainly respect your right to your beliefs regarding politics and religion…….as I hope you respect mine.  Most of all, I certainly do not or will not engage in ANY heated discussion on Facebook with you about it. It is a no win situation.

You have a right to what you think and believe and so do I.  It boils down to this……..the election is OVER. No matter what side you are on, we have a new leader.  GIVE THE MAN A CHANCE!!!! If it were Hillary Clinton I would say the same thing – give her a chance.  We have given every President elected, good or bad, a chance to prove themselves.  Mistakes will be made. They have all made mistakes.

Is it worth it to lose a life-long friend because you can’t come to agreement on something that neither of you can change?  Remember, words hurt and can’t be taken back.  Once said and there is no turning back…….feelings are hurt and in some cases there might be a friendship gone bad.  John Lennon said it so well back in the ’60s…….”all we are saying, is give peace a chance.”  Let’s make Facebook fun again. I respect your right to tell me to write my Congressman about something….and I probably will do it if I agree, but let’s get over it and get on with life and keep the arguments off of Facebook.  This is not directed to any one person, because there are many doing it. It is strictly my thoughts on the subject.

And with that I will leave you with a big ((((((hug)))))) until next time………



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Did You Hear It?

Were you listening?  Did you hear it? I can’t describe it to you……it was just there.  I know that when I discovered it, I surely enjoyed it.  What am I talking about?

For the last nine days this country had something else to think about, cheer about, and celebrate other than Hillary or The Donald.  There was camaraderie like there hasn’t been in years with the people of this country.  Two baseball teams,  wanting to  not repeat history, were in a battle for a “winner take all ” prize.  We had something else to focus on and it sure felt good!

Game seven, the final game it felt like the earth stood still.  People were riveted to their televisions.  We laughed, we cheered, some cried.  No matter which team you were for, you woke up this morning with a smile on your face and a pride in your heart. For this short period of time these two teams let us escape from our problems and seemed to make life a little more fun. It has been a very long time since this country has had something like this to bond us.  This wasn’t just any World Series, this was two teams that had been the underdogs for years. People could relate to this.  Some people gave up on these two teams.  But now, win or lose…….these teams were going to sprout wings and fly.

Thank you Cubs and Indians for giving us a much needed break in our lives.  Thank you for the joy you brought to all ages and the fun you gave us. My Dad is smiling up in Heaven knowing the Cubs finally won the World Series and I am smiling for him.

For a few short hours last night………well……. it seemed like there was peace on earth.  Did you hear it? I sure hope so.

Until next time……..


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While reflecting on the real reason we are celebrating with a three-day weekend, I remembered some pretty incredible Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkies) who participated in the wars.

One such Yorkie who was called Smokey, served two years active duty in the Asiatic and Pacific in WW2. She was found in a foxhole when she was a little over a year old.  Even though the war was  scary place for Smokey,she lived through 150 air raids and was a crew member on 12 air-sea rescues and never got motion sickness.  Her true service came when she was asked to take a wire through a seventh foot long pipe that was under an airstrip. Her owner Bill, knew in his heart, that she could do it. She was smart and definitely the right size as the pipe was only eight inches high. However the pipe had mold in it and in some places mud partially closed the pipe to about four inches.  Both Bill and Smokey were a little more than apprehensive.

As a trial run, Bill tied a string to her and pointed her into the pipe. He then went to the other end and called out for her to come.  Smokey headed through the pipe only to have the string get hung up once, but then was able to release it to keep going.  Finally Bill saw the gleam of her eyes and called her name and she ran the last 15 feet.

Smokey ate C-rations and took vitamins. Bill’s helmet was her bathtub. She traveled over 40,000 miles in her lifetime and lived a full and rewarding life with her best friend Bill.

My dad was stationed in France for part of his tour and he used to tell me that the French army used Yorkies to deliver messages.

Yes the Yorkie is not just another pretty face or fluffy lap dog.  They have the heart of a lion and the soul of a wolf!  Both my Chloe and Bella gave years of service visiting hospice patients and their families.  To quote my favorite commercial:

“You’re my buddy, my pal, my friend ……..and we’ll be that way til the end.  Wherever we go I want you to know………you’re my buddy, my pal, my friend.”

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend – remembering those those who have fought to protect us so that we can enjoy the freedoms that we have and those who made the ultimate sacrifice by giving their life for it all .

Until next time……..

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Welcome and happy that you found me!!

As you can see I have added some new categoriesfor different types of discussions. Do you think we will pick up some new followers? End of life care will still be a strong focus of this site. Very soon you will be able to purchase my book(s) from here, as I hope to have another one out for Christmas buying. Check under the “Books” category for that information.

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Thanks for following me!

Just me and my BFF ~ Chloe

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Welcome to the home of my new blog!  As you can see I have added additional categories for more types of discussions. Very shortly I hope to be set up to sell my books on  this site so stay tuned to this site for that announcment.

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Just me and my BFF ~ Chloe

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