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As I look back on 2017, I have to say to myself……..”Gloriann, it has been quite a year!” I say that not meaning all good or all bad, just quite a year.

The year progressed from Winter to Spring, life was basically as it should be for me…….no drama or unwanted surprises.  Then June came along.  I woke up one morning with what looked like a bug bite on my chin.  It wasn’t a day or two and I could see it was growing.  Regular followers of my blog know the whole story, but I will tell you I was diagnosed with squamous cell skin cancer.  It wasn’t the worst of the three types but it was the quickest spreading.  The day after the biopsy another lesion appeared and quickly started to spread also. After four surgeries and three months of follow up I was released from doctor’s care with minimal damage to my face or lower lip. I am grateful as it could have been much worse.

In the middle of the cancer recovery, I lost a very dear, dear friend of mine to Alzheimer’s.  I can still remember the day four years earlier he called to tell me goodbye.  I had a call or two after that but they were not him as I knew him.  The illness had engulfed him.  By the end of July he was gone.

Three weeks later his eldest son drown in Lake Superior while scattering his ashes.  For many of us who knew both men, the shock is still hanging over us like a dark cloud and the holidays were not quite as happy as they can be.

In the fall came my 50th class reunion.  Wow – 50 years!! It was fun to see some folks that I used to sing with in A Capella and others from home room and others from earlier school years.  It was a two night event and unfortunately I was feeling my best but I managed to make an appearance at both.

October had another event for me……… November of 2016 I reconnected through Facebook with a man that I had quite a “crush” on back in my post-high school years.  A relationship was not meant to be back then for various reasons but for me, he was tucked in a special place my heart and thought about many times throughout the years.  We texted and talked all through this year and he came home for a sibling reunion and we agreed to spend sometime together just to see what would happen – although I think both of us already knew.  Yes……there was quite a connection between us.  And now………early in 2018 he is moving back here from California and in with me.  I am over the moon happy and so excited for what the future might hold for us.  There are health challenges for the both of us but we will face them and any other challenges that come our way – together. The good stuff and the not so good stuff – together.  I love the sound of that and I love him.

One last thing to finish out the year……..I moved.  One week before Christmas I gave up my condo and moved into an apartment at a lovely senior retirement center.  I am still recuperating from the move and I have boxes still piled up the walls – but I will have things all situated hopefully by the time my love arrives. Something tells me this won’t be our last stop.

So this year my Gratitude Journal is full. My heart is full.  2017 you brought me more joy than I ever could expect and bit of sadness too.  2018……..you can’t get here fast enough.

Happy New Year everyone. I hope it is a healthy, fun-filled adventure for all of us.

Until next time…….





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Why the white dove?

It was December 0f 1966 and my mom and I were starting to decorate for Christmas. This year it was not going to be Christmas as usual for us. One of us was not going to be there this year and none of us could really speak of it. Looking back, it was the worst Christmas ever.dove-054

I was a senior in high school.  My brother, who had already graduated five years ahead of me, wouldn’t be home this year. You see, he was in the Marine Corp. and was stationed in some little country across the big ocean,  called Viet Nam.  There was a war going on there. They tried to call it a police action, but for those fighting there and those of us with family there, it was a war.  Now my brother wasn’t in the infantry so he wasn’t on the front lines.   No one was safe over there, it didn’t matter what you did.  My cousin’s husband was killed getting on an airplane to come home.  If the enemy could get at us, the did.

And so Christmas was coming upon us quickly.  Mom and I were out shopping and we came across this beautiful white dove with it’s wings spread as if in flight. Mom said she was going to buy it for the top of the tree.  I found this strange at first because we had always had an angel at the top, so why now a dove?

When we got home, she took the angel down and placed the dove on top, just as you see it on my tree.  I asked her at that moment why she was doing this?  She said to me that this was the white dove , the symbol of peace.  She hoped with placing this dove on the top of the tree that not only would peace come soon to Viet Nam, but also that my brother, Larry would be safe and come home unhurt.

Every time I walked by the tree, somehow the dove gave me hope and helped to get us through that very scary, sad Christmas. You know what? It still does.  Since that Christmas, the dove has been  at the top of my family’s tree every year.  It is missing its feet and beak, but she is still there in flight.  I honestly do not know if Larry even knows this story.  As long as I continue to put up a tree, the dove will be there.

Question for you……can you ever imagine a Christmas where there will be no fighting going on anywhere on earth? Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me…….

I hope you enjoyed the tale of the white dove and have a very Merry Christmas!

Until next time………..


PS.  And yes……my brother came home and was not hurt.  Thank you God.

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My heart is heavy with the news of the killings in a church in S. Carolina, but that is not the subject of this post. Once again a racial situation in the south is stirring up an age-old debate……..the Confederate Flag, sometimes referred to as the Southern Cross.

First let me say that even though I live north of the Mason-Dixon line, I was born with a southern heart. I always felt misplaced somehow. 35+ years ago I was “pulled” by my heart to move to Atlanta. Down there Gone With The Wind plays 24 hours a day at a theater- I had already seen it at least 25 times since it came out – heck – I owned the video of it! I could recite most of Scarlett’s and Melonie’s dialog.

I went to museums. I walked Civil War cemeteries.I made it my mission to meet and learn from as many born and raised southerners, black or white, as I could. I learned to cook southern. Yes…….without even trying within the first week I had a southern drawl that fooled the best of them that still creeps into my speech today.  My doorbell even plays Dixie!

Now tonight on the news I hear that because of what happen this week in S. Carolina certain people have brought up the continuing saga of the Confederate Flag that flies high over Dixie.  That flag is loved and revered by true southerners.  To most of them it represents a time gone by – and the battle they fought and a life that was lived for generations. Did you know that of the 224 years of slavery that the Confederate Flag only flew the last four years? It didn’t represent slavery, white against black. It represents the was between the states and a time gone forever. There are restaurants like Pitty Pats Porch and Aunt Fannie Cabin that give tourists and residents a taste of what life was back then. I don’t blame them for wanting to hold on to some little bit of history.

In my research I found out that the south used to be made up of primarily Scotch and Scotch-Irish people. I am Scotch-Irish…..maybe that is why I was so pulled to go there. If there are any Politicians or racial activists reading this………GET THIS STRAIGHT………THE CONFEDERATE FLAG REPRESENTS THE SOUTH – PERIOD. It doesn’t represent blacks, whites, or any other one group of people.  Get over it and fly the Confederate flag and the United States Flag high on the pole with pride. We are one people under God…….long may our flags wave in peace!

Until next time……….

Peace and love to all


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Mom ……..right?

As I was growing up I can always remember mom for two different theories she had for different situations. Whenever the weather got crazy, i.e. tornadoes or hurricanes or severe weather of all types, she would blame those on the martians or space travel or sputniks…..but usually the martians got most of the blame.

When it came  to earthquakes, terrorist attacks, acres of fires, droughts, floods ……….her reasoning for this was “the world is coming to an end”.  Dad and I used to just laugh.  I don’t know if it was her Macon County logic kicking in or like she would say “I just feel it in my bones”.

The point with all of this is…….I read on the yahoo news about an earthquake north of LasVegas in the last 24 hours and low and behold the first words out of my mouth were “She is right…..the world is coming to an end”.  There have been four or five earthquakes here in the U.S. in the past few months, and in places you never hear of getting them.  California is in the worst drought ever, and winter all over the U.S. was worse than it has been in years. Then spring came and record breaking, town destroying tornadoes.

It has been scarey listening to the news lately. Things like be-headings, airplanes disappearing or crashing, Amtrak derailing,  kidnappings, and in my town they are killing each other off practically on a nightly basis on the west side. Was she right? Is the world coming to an end?

I can tell you if she were alive, all of this terrorism and natural disaster stuff would have her very upset. She had a passion for watching all of the news  she could find.  But many times I would hear say “oh my….I just know the world is coming to an end.”  I am sure she is in heaven smiling down on me when she hears me, as I am watching the news saying…….Was she right? Is the world really coming to an end? There is one thing I know for sure…..you can’t blame ISIS and terrorism on the Martians, no matter what spin you give it.

Well that’s it for today.  Happy Memorial Day!  If the world doesn’t come to and end or I get carried off by Martians, stayed tuned for next time.

Until then……

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I just finished my breakfast on this Father’s Day and all during the preparation I felt a new blog post kicking and screaming to be written. You see I got my love for writing and short-story telling from my dad. His letters to me when I lived in Milwaukee and Atlanta were priceless.  Even the ones where he was more than a little upset with me. I wished I had saved them. I don’t know anyone who knew him, that didn’t love his stories………..jokes or reality….he had a gift.

Breakfast was one of his favorites……eggs, bacon, grits, and English muffin or biscuits if available.Both of us loved country/southern cooking. He loved it when I would come back from Atlanta and cook as I had spent hours learning from a friend of ours. Not a good way to keep your weight down, as a lot of the “Yankees” gain weight when they move south.He loved to come to Atlanta and visit me and I Ioved having him there.

One of the other things I got from my dad was my love of animals……especially dogs and horses. He always told me to never trust anyone that didn’t love animals. His dad used to tell him that too! Ya know what……I have found that to be true more times than I want to think about. One of the things he and I used to do together was go into Arlington Race Track and watch the horses run.It used to make him so grumpy when my horse would win and his didn’t. He didn’t believe I had a “system” in choosing race horses to win. He finally conceded that what I was doing was working!

Dad used to love to sit out on the screened-in porch and watch the humming birds and gold-finches at their feeders. To this day I still have those feeders and sit by the hour and watch them and think of him. Once in awhile one will come up and peer in the sliders and I like to think dad has sent him to. say hi to me.

I could go on for hours about this quiet, gentle, fun-loving man.  I so miss him and his stories and the love he gave me. I may have thought from time to time that I was alone in the world and not loved by anyone……but I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that my dad loved me and I loved him and proud ……so proud to be his daughter.

Until next time……       Happy Fathers Day!


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